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Onagadori means "long-tailed fowl" in Japanese.

Onagadori Forum is a place to learn about developing and caring for many breeds of long-tail and long-crowing fowl. Onagadori eggs, Onagadori rearing, and much more about these birds is all discussed.

Phoenix, Ohiki, Japanese Onagadori, Tomaru, Denizli, Yokohama, Sumatra, Minohiki, and Satsumadori.

These and many more rare, distinct breeds with long tails or long crows are discussed here at Onagadori Forums. Are you wanting to learn about these rare birds? Come visit us in the forum!

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Onagadori, Phoenix, longtailed, long-tail, long tail, longtail, fowl, poultry, chickens, Ohiki Tomaru, Denizli, long-crowing, long-crowers, roosters, Yokohama, Sumatra

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