Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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Hakuraikou at two years and eleven months of age
Hakuraikou, Rogers line - His longest tail feathers are 6' 6.75" and 6' 9" (2.06m). The adult feathers grew in two stages. He grew some during year one and others during year two. The longest feathers were grown in during year one and are one year ahead of the others. Usually, in cases such as this the adult feathers from year one would have been pulled out during the acquisition of the rest of the adult plumage during year two. Doing that would ensure that all feathers reach roughly the same time.
hakuro-9-28-2011.jpg hakuraikou-and-david.jpg hakuraikou-8-2-2010.jpg april.jpg waterer.jpg
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