Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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My Onagadori in 2013Просмотров: 1499My Onagadori in 2013
OnagadoriПросмотров: 1674Onagadori
OnagadoriПросмотров: 1649Onagadori
OnagadoriПросмотров: 1527Onagadori
OnagadoriПросмотров: 1206Onagadori
OnagadoriПросмотров: 1219Onagadori
Onagadori Japan.jpg
Onagadori bred by Mr Tajima - JapanПросмотров: 2046Mr Tajima was 92 years old when I took this pic - and he sadly died the following year, with no-one in his family interested to continue with the birds.
The gentleman in the pic is Mr Hiraoka, who has done a lot of research into Onagadori.
Onagadori bred by Mr Tajima - JapanПросмотров: 2125
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