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Najgledanije - My Onagadori
Onagadori MalePogledana 2195 putaOnagadori Male
Onagadori bred by Mr Tajima - JapanPogledana 2138 puta
Onagadori Japan.jpg
Onagadori bred by Mr Tajima - JapanPogledana 2060 putaMr Tajima was 92 years old when I took this pic - and he sadly died the following year, with no-one in his family interested to continue with the birds.
The gentleman in the pic is Mr Hiraoka, who has done a lot of research into Onagadori.
2011-04-16 11_59_48.jpg
My OnagadoriPogledana 1843 putaMy Onagadori's
OnagadoriPogledana 1715 putaOnagadori
OnagadoriPogledana 1665 putaOnagadori
My Onagadori in 2013Pogledana 1552 putaMy Onagadori in 2013
OnagadoriPogledana 1538 putaOnagadori
My Onagadori in 2013Pogledana 1518 putaMy Onagadori in 2013
My Onagadori in 2013Pogledana 1474 putaMy Onagadori in 2013
2011-04-16 11_59_57.jpg
My OnagadoriPogledana 1358 putaMy Onagadori's
My Onagadori in 2013Pogledana 1327 putaMy Onagadori in 2013
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