Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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Hakuro at 8' 2"12715 zobrazení
ko-shamo champion 2007 canon.jpg
Ko-shamo 20074738 zobrazení
This was Hakuraikou and myself, photo by Will Lawrence3790 zobrazeníHakuraikou's longest feathers were 6' 9" here.
Phoenix cockerel3771 zobrazeníThis 4 month old cockerel descends from the German Schubert line that was imported by Toni-Marie in 2002.
Hakuraikou at two years and eleven months of age3750 zobrazeníHakuraikou, Rogers line - His longest tail feathers are 6' 6.75" and 6' 9" (2.06m). The adult feathers grew in two stages. He grew some during year one and others during year two. The longest feathers were grown in during year one and are one year ahead of the others. Usually, in cases such as this the adult feathers from year one would have been pulled out during the acquisition of the rest of the adult plumage during year two. Doing that would ensure that all feathers reach roughly the same time.
silver rooster3690 zobrazenístill in bloodfeather and growing!
white phoenix3213 zobrazení
picture 662.jpg
Two Brothers, phoenix tree3189 zobrazení
3138 zobrazení
schijndelaar ruud.jpg
Schijndelaar (Pic. from M.vd Sterren)2945 zobrazení
2936 zobrazení
Feb Chinagames 045.JPG
Light gold china game year old roo2792 zobrazeníLight gold china game year old roo.
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