Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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Najwyżej oceniane - IndianaGardener
Hakuraikou2626 odsłonHakuraikou at 20 months of age.
(19 głosów)
Hakuro at 8' 2"12614 odsłon
(27 głosów)
Hakuraikou at two years and eleven months of age3635 odsłonHakuraikou, Rogers line - His longest tail feathers are 6' 6.75" and 6' 9" (2.06m). The adult feathers grew in two stages. He grew some during year one and others during year two. The longest feathers were grown in during year one and are one year ahead of the others. Usually, in cases such as this the adult feathers from year one would have been pulled out during the acquisition of the rest of the adult plumage during year two. Doing that would ensure that all feathers reach roughly the same time.
(15 głosów)
Phoenix cockerel3649 odsłonThis 4 month old cockerel descends from the German Schubert line that was imported by Toni-Marie in 2002.
(14 głosów)
6 month bb-red long-tail cockerel, Astin line2553 odsłonThis is a bbr cockerel that I hatched from some eggs from Toni-Marie. His father grew 28" saddles on the ground and his mother is known to produce non-molting sons. The pairing was chosen for me by Toni-Marie so that the rec. white hen my line descends from is also in his background. I am looking forward to making another family line by breeding him to the sisters of my white rooster, Hakuraikou.
(12 głosów)
This was Hakuraikou and myself, photo by Will Lawrence3672 odsłonHakuraikou's longest feathers were 6' 9" here.
(12 głosów)
28" tall Thai cock.2439 odsłon
(6 głosów)
Japanese integrated chicken waterer2638 odsłonThis is an antique earthenware integrated chicken waterer. These were commonly used for ground dwelling birds and may be set into a shallow saucer to help prevent it from being soiled too quickly due to scratching fowl. It is known as a niwatori mizunomiki, 鶏水飲器 (integrated chicken waterer).
(10 głosów)
My guard / herding dog2343 odsłonThis is my dog. She's 135 lbs. and great with the birds. She's never been formally trained for herding, but she knows where I want her and what to do by the tone of my voice and to where I point with my hand. I don't know if there's such a thing as a natural, but she's close to it. She helps with guarding mostly, but will help put the odd stubborn bird into the barn for the night. Her father was a large 150 Lb German Rottweiler named Caesar and mother a Doberman Pinscher, but she took mostly after her father's side of the family. Such a hybrid is termed a "Rotterman".
(10 głosów)
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