Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Onagadori.net users.
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410 файлов в 46 альбомах и 1 категориях просмотренных 581571 раз / комментариев всего 137

Случайные файлы
2011-04-16 11_55_14.jpg
My OnagadoriПросмотров: 998My Onagadori's
2011-04-10 12_43_23.jpg
My TomaruПросмотров: 980My Tomaru's
black red ko stag 2009Просмотров: 1715
syrphidae resize.jpg
hoverflyПросмотров: 1082
My Totenko in 2013Просмотров: 1138My Totenko in 2013
Shojo Minohiki KingLine IMGP5560.JPG
pic and bred by Marc KingПросмотров: 1538
Kurokashiwa bred by meПросмотров: 1727
6 month bb-red long-tail cockerel, Astin lineПросмотров: 2333This is a bbr cockerel that I hatched from some eggs from Toni-Marie. His father grew 28" saddles on the ground and his mother is known to produce non-molting sons. The pairing was chosen for me by Toni-Marie so that the rec. white hen my line descends from is also in his background. I am looking forward to making another family line by breeding him to the sisters of my white rooster, Hakuraikou.

Последние добавления
28" tall Thai cock.Просмотров: 2188Янв 26, 2016
My Minohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1660My Minohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1679My Minohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1654My Minohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1682My Minohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1629My Minohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
My Ohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1826My Ohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013
2013-06-30 14_26_01.jpg
My Ohiki in 2013Просмотров: 1817My Ohiki in 2013Окт 14, 2013

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