Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Onagadori.net users.
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Sitemizde yayınlanan 46 albümdeki 410 adet resimler 581442 kez izlenilmiş ve 137 kez yorum yazılmıştır.

Rastgele Dosya
6 month bb-red long-tail cockerel, Astin line2332 kez bakıldıThis is a bbr cockerel that I hatched from some eggs from Toni-Marie. His father grew 28" saddles on the ground and his mother is known to produce non-molting sons. The pairing was chosen for me by Toni-Marie so that the rec. white hen my line descends from is also in his background. I am looking forward to making another family line by breeding him to the sisters of my white rooster, Hakuraikou.
Phoenix 013.jpg
Black Cooper Maran 1086 kez bakıldı6 months old
Black Sumatra Cockerel 972 kez bakıldı5 month old
2533 kez bakıldı
yamato pullet 20101638 kez bakıldı
Onagadori bred by Mr Tajima - Japan1747 kez bakıldı
Sumatra1056 kez bakıldı
Totenko1097 kez bakıldıMore of my birds in Italy

Son Yüklenenler
28" tall Thai cock.2180 kez bakıldıOck 26, 2016
My Minohiki in 20131657 kez bakıldıMy Minohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 20131678 kez bakıldıMy Minohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 20131652 kez bakıldıMy Minohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 20131680 kez bakıldıMy Minohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
My Minohiki in 20131627 kez bakıldıMy Minohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
My Ohiki in 20131824 kez bakıldıMy Ohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013
2013-06-30 14_26_01.jpg
My Ohiki in 20131815 kez bakıldıMy Ohiki in 2013Ekm 14, 2013

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