Long Tail Fowl and Long Crowing Fowl Photos

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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Onagadori.net users.
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410 фото в 46 альбомах та 1 категоріях з 137 коментарями, переглянуто 606840 разів

Випадкові фото
1126 переглядів
My guard / herding dog2219 переглядівThis is my dog. She's 135 lbs. and great with the birds. She's never been formally trained for herding, but she knows where I want her and what to do by the tone of my voice and to where I point with my hand. I don't know if there's such a thing as a natural, but she's close to it. She helps with guarding mostly, but will help put the odd stubborn bird into the barn for the night. Her father was a large 150 Lb German Rottweiler named Caesar and mother a Doberman Pinscher, but she took mostly after her father's side of the family. Such a hybrid is termed a "Rotterman".
Phoenix 017.jpg
Golden Phoenix Hen 1212 переглядів6 months
white yok male.jpg
white yokohama male1989 переглядів
2013-07-21 18_07_09.jpg
My Tomaru in 20131173 переглядівMy Tomaru in 2013
1249 переглядів
1160 переглядів
Totenko Cheongju line973 переглядівTotenko Cheongju line in S.Korea

Останні долучення
28" tall Thai cock.2304 переглядів26.01.2016р.
My Minohiki in 20131745 переглядівMy Minohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
My Minohiki in 20131762 переглядівMy Minohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
My Minohiki in 20131733 переглядівMy Minohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
My Minohiki in 20131757 переглядівMy Minohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
My Minohiki in 20131712 переглядівMy Minohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
My Ohiki in 20131904 переглядівMy Ohiki in 201314.10.2013р.
2013-06-30 14_26_01.jpg
My Ohiki in 20131903 переглядівMy Ohiki in 201314.10.2013р.

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